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The History of Environmentalism in America – David Koch



          First, a few disclaimers. I will be talking mostly about Modern era history, starting with the 1800’s. I will start by outlining 4 stages of Environmentalism, then talk a little about what came before those stages, then give some detail about each of those … read more.

Recovering My Faith – Cyndi Hartley

Good morning, everyone. I’m Cyndi Hartley. I’ve been a member of UUFD for a little over a year and I’m co-chair of the Social Action Committee. I’m also a member of the Religious Exploration Committee, commonly called the RE Committee. I never thought I’d be … read more.

Stillness – Jeff Wright






Meditation vs Stillness Practice
Jeff Wright


There are two very important paths to inner satisfaction that often appear the same, but are actually quite different. One is meditation, a very well-known term, and the other is Stillness Practice, a term I use in order to identify a … read more.

Children – Samuel Felderman



Samuel Felderman


Good Morning everyone. It is always such an honor to be given the opportunity to speak here at UUFD. I want to start by thanking the program committee for inviting me to share today, and extend my thanks … read more.

Something Less Than Perfect – Kent Mayfield

Something Less Than Perfect

Kent Mayfield

November 15, 2020


Joy Harjo: Remember

Seamus Heaney: Follower

Wallace Stevens: The Poems of Our Climate


I’ve always loved edges: the edge of light when color drains from the … read more.

Seeking Possibility – Kent Mayfield


Seeking Possibility

October 18, 2020

Meditation Readings

If we can stay awake when our lives are changing, secrets will be revealed to us –about ourselves, about the nature of life and about the eternal source of happiness and peace that is always available, always … read more.