July 14, 2019

10:00 am          “Finding a Way Home” – Duane Hagerty, CEO of Heritage Works

Duane talks about how strong connections to places in his life helped him find purpose and a path to satisfaction.

Future Services

July 21             “The Criminal Justice Reform Bill: What it means? What it does?” – Valerie Bell, faculty member, Criminal Justice Department, Loras College

Valerie explains the purpose of the First Step Act – passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, changes made since it was introduced, impact on the federal criminal justice system.

July 28             “Dis-Abilities: A Discussion on Accessibility, Inclusion and Identity” – Rachel Carter, Intern Minister at Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Eau Claire, WI

Rachel focuses on storytelling, inclusion and accessibility within religious spaces for people with disabilities.

Kent’s reflection topics

In his monthly reflections for the year, Rev. Mayfield will invite listeners to focus on single words that open to what Barbara Kingsolver has described as “small wonders,” those events in our lives which grow as much from our own private gardens as from the epicenters of global crisis, and to find therein direction for spiritual development. Kent believes, as we know, in the “holiness of the ordinary,” so we should expect him to make connections between the desire to find some illumination of ultimate reality and the paltry, often painful, experiences of daily life. The single word titles of these Sunday commentaries capture something of the range of ideas and issues he will explore:











The precise order may vary, but what is evident is a deep awareness of our shared human predicament and an honest desire to examine life with sense and sensibility. We invite you to join us for the series.


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