10 a.m. Sunday, March 24

Ben Darr, “Religion in China: Confucius to Communism to ?”

Dr. Darr will use his academic study of Chinese society and politics as well as his travel experiences in China to briefly outline the ancient roots of religion in China and then make observations regarding the current situation regarding religious practice there.  This practice involves a somewhat uneasy truce between the government and five officially sanctioned religions.

Ben Darr, Ph.D., has been on the Politics faculty at Loras College since 2012.  He grew up in Terrill, a small town in Northwest Iowa. After getting his undergraduate degree from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA,  he spent two years in Colorado and then returned to earn his doctorate at the University of Iowa. He is married to Christine, and they have two sons.  Ben’s area of expertise and interest is Asian politics.  He has visited China several times and speaks the language.

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Reflection topics

In his monthly reflections for the year, Rev. Mayfield will invite listeners to focus on single words that open to what Barbara Kingsolver has described as “small wonders,” those events in our lives which grow as much from our own private gardens as from the epicenters of global crisis, and to find therein direction for spiritual development. Kent believes, as we know, in the “holiness of the ordinary,” so we should expect him to make connections between the desire to find some illumination of ultimate reality and the paltry, often painful, experiences of daily life. The single word titles of these Sunday commentaries capture something of the range of ideas and issues he will explore:











The precise order may vary, but what is evident is a deep awareness of our shared human predicament and an honest desire to examine life with sense and sensibility. We invite you to join us for the series.


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