February 23 – How Funerals Can Change Us
Pam Kress-Dunn, UUFD member
Putting together a funeral service for my sister was a revelation, compelling me to come to terms not just with her death but with her unique, challenging, no-holds-barred life.

March 1 – Immigrants in Flight from Nazi Persecution

Craig Nessan, Academic Dean, Wartburg Theological Seminar

Craig introduces the stories of Paul Leo, who as a pastor and theologian of Jewish descent was forced to flee Germany, and Eva Leo, married to Paul and an artist of major stature. Both became residents of Dubuque and lived here to the end of their lives. Craig is committed to remembering the legacy of Paul and Eva Leo.

NOTE: An inspiring article by Craig Nessan – unrelated to his presentation at UUFD – was published in the Telegraph Herald on Saturday, February 8. Excerpts from “Aiming to become our best selves” appear in the Learning Corner, below.

March 8 – Prison Ministry: From “We” to “They” to “Us”

Karen Zeckser worked for many years as a counselor to teens; since retirement, she serves in Prison Ministry, accompanying individuals through recovery.

Understanding and caring for the world has great breadth and depth, hills and valleys. What is our role and call to heal the broken? Our culture has long isolated criminals, set them apart, and avoided them. “They” are not who “We” are. Restorative justice seeks to build a pathway of hope for felons because everyone counts, everyone matters, and everyone makes a difference. This reflection invites us to move toward, growing toward an “Us.”

March 15 – Mud Season

Kent Mayfield, UUFD Minister

The loosening of winter’s hold, the shedding of icy certainty … the mud brings a certain uneasiness, but we need the mud for what grows from it. Let us bring to it all the spirit we can muster.


Child Care by Kate Hanley