Nov. 18       Rev. Kent Mayfield, “Enough”

In this pre-Thanksgiving reflection, Kent will be asking, How do we get a handle  on them, the interests and obligations, the mix of joys and sorrows and concerns that keep us hopping from sun-up until late at night from now until well after the New Year?  Is what is ever Enough?

Nov. 25       Dik Van Iten

Dec. 2          Bittersweet Christmas Band

Dec. 9          General Assembly Opening Ceremony


In his monthly reflections for the year, Rev. Mayfield will invite listeners to focus on single words that open to what Barbara Kingsolver has described as “small wonders,” those events in our lives which grow as much from our own private gardens as from the epicenters of global crisis, and to find therein direction for spiritual development. Kent believes, as we know, in the “holiness of the ordinary,” so we should expect him to make connections between the desire to find some illumination of ultimate reality and the paltry, often painful, experiences of daily life. The single word titles of these Sunday commentaries capture something of the range of ideas and issues he will explore:











The precise order may vary, but what is evident is a deep awareness of our shared human predicament and an honest desire to examine life with sense and sensibility. We invite you to join us for the series.


Child Care by Kate Hanley

Religious Education by Tam Prenosil