Music for UUFD services is thoughtfully selected and rehearsed to help to create memorable and meaningful experiences for our congregation.

The following are piano accompanists: Robert Dunn, Karen Buechle and Katie Heil.

Many other members and friends support music in our church with their singing, guitar, ukulele, brass instruments and recorders just to name a few. Several times each year, we invite guest musicians to share their talents.

Music Committee Charter

Our community comes together for one hour every week to “share” and to “make a difference”. During that short amount of time, events happen only because many people spend many hours of energy, time and money to create the one hour service between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. every Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque. And that is only describing/including the music-side of the worship experience.

There are many others – housekeeping, sextons, ministers, guest speakers, program committees, Board of Trustees, facilitators, flower gatherers, coffee makers, treat bringers, basic needs purchasers and so many more that cannot be listed on this charter. The music committee acknowledges the important efforts of all these people and their responsibilities. We could not be the committee we are and do the things we do without everyone else who steps up in Dubuque, Iowa each week to make the impossible, possible.


The mission of the UUFD music committee is to facilitate music performance opportunities and to provide an inclusive, musical/spiritual dimension for UUFD worship services.


The role of the music committee is to:
1. Perform expected tasks as suggested by the music director and Board of Trustees.
2. Inventory musical-items and equipment.
3. Maintain all musical-items and equipment, repair and replace as needed.
4. Communicate needs and concerns to the board of trustees.
5. Communicate committee accomplishments and goals to the congregation.
6. Select and support the music director.
7. Work with program committee other UUFD committees and community groups to enhance services.
8. Participate in fund-raising as needed.
9. Promote participation in musical activities such singing during services, playing various instruments, chanting, and special events.
10. Collaborate on music program policies.
11. Publicize special events.
12. Keep the music library organized.
13. Actively support and facilitate the operation of all aspects of the UUFD music program as well as overseeing long-term goals and direction.
14. Know how to use the sound system and promptly step up to help when warranted.
15. Encourage people to utilize the amplification system to enhance clear understanding and hearing ability during the services.
16. Promote communication among congregation, choirs, ministers, and the Board of Trustees regarding the role of music in our worship and congregational life.
17. Work with the Music Director to identify congregants who might be interested in participating in the choir, playing instruments, performing, song leading….and other musical settings.
18. Act as liaisons to communicate and/or listen to congregant’s views concerning the music program and share those views, as appropriate, with the music director.
19. Lend support to the Historic District Coffeehouse and all other musical endeavors.
20. Consult with minister (guest ministers) and provides guidance and support to the music director.
21. Submit the Music Committee review to the Board before the Annual Meeting (Due by October)
22. Occasionally survey the congregation about musical and spiritual needs
23. Arrange for regular piano tuning.
24. Attend annual district UUA (Midwest District) and/or General Assembly Meetings as possible.
25. Contribute to the UUFD website.
26. Contribute to the UUFD Facebook page.
27. Contribute to the UUFD e-mail newsletter.
28. Continually learn both about music and about the people in the congregation so that you can plan music appropriate to their needs.
29. Be familiar with the overall goals the congregation has set for itself, how these goals influence its music programs and how these goals may be extended.
30. Promote the spiritual life of the congregation and its members through music ministry.

MEMBERSHIP – Two year – Volunteer membership. A member does NOT need to have a level of musical aptitude or ability – only the desire and energy to fulfill the roles and duties of the music committee.

MEETINGS – Bi-monthly, minimum. Meetings are punctual, spiritual, instructive, communal, appropriate to the mission statement and efficient. Agendas and pre-planning are suggested. A secretary and music committee leader should be “elected” by the committee membership by February of each year.

RESOURCES — UUFD will sponsor membership for the Music Director (or his/her alternate) to be an active member of the Unitarian Universalists Musicians Network (UUMN). The UUFD has always been and will continue to be members- in- full to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). The UUA has a multitude of resources for the church musician.