We welcome and affirm people of all abilities. We have taken the following steps to assure that no one is excluded for full participation in the life of our fellowship.


Our sanctuary, is fully accessible to those using wheelchairs or having limited mobility. The restrooms are fully accessible as well.


We have wire loop technology connected to our PA system. During all church meeting and workshops, anyone wishing to speak from the audience is strongly encouraged to use the portable microphones so those who are hard of hearing are not excluded.

Chemical Sensitivity

We use odorless candles and we have a well ventilated fragrance-free zone where those with sensitivities are invited to sit and those who are adorned with perfume or tobacco smoke are encouraged to avoid. This is announced every Sunday during our welcome.

Special Needs Children

If you want your child to participate in the religious education program and feel that they may require special accommodation due to learning disabilities or behavioral issues.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at our worship services. We have grassy areas where service animals may relieve themselves.


If you have any questions not answered or concerns not addressed, please contact the church office to seek further information.