Committees are composed of volunteer members who carry out the program functions of the Fellowship.  To join a committee, contact the chair or a member of the committee.


Building and Grounds Committee

Takes care of the physical needs (maintenance and repairs) of our property

Members: Jon Luckstead, Craig Reber, Frank Potter (chair)


Care Committee

  • Acknowledges and supports fellowship members and friends who are ill or in other serious circumstances
  • Manages the use of the church for weddings and memorial services
  • Helps congregation members plan for the end of life

Members: Gail Guenther, Jeanne Harrington, Wendy Woodhouse, Barbara Gatch (chair)


Finance Committee

Manages the congregation’s financial resources, raises funds from members each year to finance the operating budget, and works toward enhancing the congregation’s quality of life.  Its function includes fundraising, budgeting, pledge record-keeping, bookkeeping, audit, and finance.

Members: Gene Schaul, Merilyn Tommaro, Jerry Guenther (chair)


Library Committee

  • Supports Sunday services and promote exploration of Unitarian Universalist principles
  • Facilitates intellectual and spiritual growth of our members
  • Assists in “doing church” (managing, developing vital UU fellowship)
  • Makes noteworthy UU books, DVDs, and other materials available to members and friends with a special emphasis on publications from Beacon Press, Skinner House Books, and Tapestry of Faith
  • Keeps an updated catalog of books on the UUFD webpage

Members: Cyndi Hartley, Pam Kress-Dunn (chair)


Long-Range Planning Committee

There have been two Long-Range Plans prepared for the Fellowship: in 1991 and in 2004. It’s time to revisit those plans and to engage the congregation in determining our shared values & beliefs – what’s important to us as a community. And to identify the actions we want to take to build on those priorities – to chart the course for our future. 

Members: Jerry Guenther, Frank Potter, Nancy Turner, Tam Prenosil (co-chair), Amy Ressler (co-chair)


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee exists to promote recruitment, engagement, and retention of members of UUFD.

  • Recruitment includes introducing and welcoming people to Unitarian Universalism and the Fellowship of Dubuque.
  • Engagement includes facilitating the journey from visitor to member, as well as encouraging participation in fellowship activities.
  • Retention includes promoting connection and belonging within the fellowship, as well as working to meet members’ needs.

Members: Diane Baker, Karen Buechele, Judy Nauman, Marilyn Schroeder, Alyssa Zasada; looking for a volunteer to serve as chair


Program Committee

The mission of the Program Committee is to provide meaningful and engaging Sunday morning services and other programming for the UUFD in line with the principles and purposes of the UUA.

Members: Jean Becker, Calvin Gatch, Pam Kress-Dunn, Wendy Woodhouse, Bob Dunn (chair)


Religious Exploration (RE) Committee

Many people come to Unitarian Universalism from other religious backgrounds. All of us need help finding our place in this community – that comes together with a shared commitment to the 7 Principles. New members & friends, and youth, need an orientation to learn about who we are and what we are about. Current members benefit from exploring our personal values & beliefs, and developing our spiritual philosophy.

Members: Jo Ellen Langerman, Cyndi Hartley, Linda Ressler, Alyssa Tedrick, Samuel Felderman (chair)


Social Action Committee

The purpose of the Social (Action) Committee is to inform and educate congregation members and the public in areas of social concern, find ways and means to rectify social injustices, sponsor and support groups organized to deal with social problems, and develop leaders to foster a just and peaceful world.

Members: Diane Baker, Laura Hoffman, Jo Ellen Langerman, Tam Prenosil, Sheila Schaul, Cyndi Hartley (co-chair), Craig Reber (co-chair)