Dear UU Fellowship Community,

Our goal as a congregational community is to care for our members and friends, and for the most vulnerable in our community and beyond. This includes spiritual, emotional, and physical health. We are committed to do what is necessary to slow the transmission of COVID-19 in order to lessen the strain on our medical system, which will help sick people get the medical care they need.

However, even as we do our best as a community to slow the spread of this disease – we don’t want anyone to feel lonely or without support. We are taking steps to maintain social and spiritual connections through the use of technology – using tools such as email, Facebook, audio and videoconferencing. We encourage you to use the phone to reach out to those who may be struggling with issues of isolation, without access to their usual social networks.

If you have questions – or ideas you’d like to share with the Board and Committee Chairs – please contact

With care and concern for your well-being,

UUFD Leadership Team


Using Zoom for Virtual Services and Events

The church building is currently closed, so services and events will be hosted via Zoom.

Virtual Sunday Services: Sundays at 10:00am.  See Upcoming Services page for details.

See Zoom Details page for more information.


Spiritual Resources

If you are looking for other ways to nurture your spirit during this time, here are a couple of Unitarian Universalist resources you may wish to explore:

  • The CLF is the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF): CLF is a congregation without walls, connecting people all over the world for spiritual growth, worship, learning, and mutual support. CLF’s Quest for Meaning site engages people of all ages and stages in Unitarian Universalism, and its many ministries nurture depth and meaning in places as diverse as family dinner tables, prison cells, and military mess halls.
  • A Common Meditation for All Souls: This is a daily spiritual practice to help spark our moral imagination and set our moral compass as individuals (Emerson called it “provocative reading”). It can also help establish a common spiritual conversation that will further unite us as a community of faith. Source: All Souls Unitarian Church in New York City.


Helping Locally during Global Pandemic

  • Tips for supporting businesses, low-income residents
  • Meals on Wheels: Those who wish to volunteer to either drive or “run” for Meals on Wheels should call Stacie Spears in Dubuque at 563-587-4986. Volunteers will also be needed to deliver personal items and food boxes.
  • Dubuque Rescue Mission: Folks who wish to contribute food items, clothing, books, dishes etc., to the Dubuque Rescue Mission can contact Craig Reber. He will pick them up and deliver them, as well as provide information on hours of operation at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store on Main Street – kitty corner from Five Flags Center.