Groundbreaking Celebration, November 7, 2021

Construction has started!  Click the links below for a PDF of the latest updates.  Thank you to the Gronen team for the linked progress updates!


Latest Update:

UUFD Progress Update January 7, 2022

  • Work is progressing on the northeast corner! A block wall was installed to improve structural stability and the brick and limestone facades are now being laid. Once completed, it will blend seamlessly with the original exterior for a comprehensive historic rehabilitation.


Past Updates:

UUFD Progress Update October 29, 2021

UUFD Progress Update November 12, 2021

  • In the northeast corner of the building, the east wall that had supported the original belfry bent under the weight. It isn’t unusual for structures the age of our church to have the walls bow out – even if there is no belfry, the bowing could occur under the weight of the roof (when it’s covered with snow, for example). In the case of the church, both the east and west walls bowed out, but the east wall also had another bend that turned/twisted inward – creating an unstable wall supporting the roof. It’s really good we’re doing this work now! The Gronen Team is rebuilding the entire northeast corner this week – so the walls are straightened and stabilized, and the foundation is reinforced to support the roof and the belfry.

UUFD Progress Update November 23, 2021

  • If you drive by the church, you can see lots of work being done on the exterior! The East vestibule has been removed, and excavation and preparation on the East side have continued. We are fortunate to have good weather this week – so concrete can be poured for new footings and new foundation walls! Inside, on the main level, the East wing ceiling has been opened up, and evaluation of structural elements – including consultation with the structural engineer and architect – continues. On the lower level, work is proceeding for foundation and structural reinforcement.

UUFD Progress Update December 10, 2021:

  • Page 2: We are fortunate that the weather cooperated and concrete footings and foundation have been poured, so reinforced exterior “concrete masonry unit” (CMU) wall can be erected.
  • Page 3: Photos show how much the floor under the stage had dropped – photo on the left is the SW corner of the stage area, where you can see the gap between the floor and the wall; photo on the right is the SE corner of the stage area, where the tape measure shows another section of floor that dropped.
  • Page 4: Photos show that some floor joists were rotten at the ends, some had been cut through – visible only after the ceiling was removed. Sections of supporting beams had been removed. Temporary walls were put up for support while replacing floor joists and beams. Support posts were resting on the concrete floor – no footings. The concrete was broken up, in order to dig down and pour footings.